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Diagnosed for 8 months

So after years of dealing (20 plus) with bad GI symptoms I was diagnosed with Crohns. I started with Pentasa but that did not help. Then I started entocort and Remicade. I get my first regular dose Thursday after 8 weeks. I flared two days ago, so I am guessing 8 weeks may be too long since this was my first flare since starting Remicade.
I am 34 years old and the mother of 3 with a full time job. Thankfully my husband is a nurse and is a huge support, but a lot of the time I feel like he just does not understand how I feel. Everyday is a struggle just to try to be normal. Sorry for rambling and thank you for listening.

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Welcome to the forum. I had my Remicade infusions switched to 6 weeks, because I started getting sick a week before getting it.
I feel pretty normal atm but life still feels like a struggle on some days. I've learned to relax and rest on the harder days. I used to push myself, and found that I would feel progressively worse doing that.
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Ds never even made it to 8 weeks while on remicade
He needed dosing at 7,5 mg/kg every 6 weeks
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Hi Kristy and welcome to the community. Thanks for joining and sharing your story

Have you told your GI about the latest flare? As mentioned, a lower time frame may be the best best for you.
It's good to be back

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