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Diagnosed during pregnancy

Hi, I'm new to everything. I'm new to crohns and to this forum. I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant, I got married 4 months ago, I have psoriatic arthritis also.

I guess the story starts with me stopping my methetrexate to conceive, at which point I weighed 10 and a half stone, I'm 5ft 9. The moment I found out I was pregnant(I caught in the first month) things started to go down hill. The weight started to drop off me, I felt sick constantly and had diarrhoea which started at once a day. Over the first month my diarrhea increased to a couple of times a day until I couldn't leave the house for fear of being away from the toilet. I started being sick after food and my research told me I had crohns and a blockage starting so I stuck to soup which stopped the sickness but not the nausea. I kept telling doctors that it was getting worse and I was loosing massive weight, I was like a zombie for 4 months. I lost 3 stone before my rheumatology consultant said something wasn't right and referred me to a gastrointestinal consultant. I was admitted to hospital straight away, my condition had gotten so bad by this point i was put on 100mg iv steroids and modulen straight away. I met with a surgeon and was put on hold for surgery if i didn't improve, they said i had a stricture and my bowl was rooted with deep set ulcers, also my stomach wasn't and hadn't been absorbing any nutrients for months.

The thing that has got to me is that i have struggled to find anyone or anything online that has gone through the same as me, the treatment has been limited due to baby. I was in hospital for 2 weeks but am home now thankfully. I've been exclusive to modulen now coming up a month and am on 30mg prednisone and decreasing. My gi was shocked how quick i have responded to treatment.

The unfortunate side effect of everything that has happened is I now have no amniotic fluid left around the baby, we are having to travel to a specialist to keep and eye, baby is also very small and has swelling on the brain. The think my waters broke at some point during treatment for crohns. The steroids and lack of water put us both at massive risk of infection and I am having regular blood tests, I practically live in the hospital now. One good thing is my crp was down from like 200 when first admitted to 10 at last count but all my good news comes with a bout of bad. I guess I just wanted to share my story in case anyone else is going through the same and wondering what treatment options are available or what on earth will happen. Its been a very scary time and a strange feeling to feel like I've lost 4 months of my life through malnutrition, I barely recognised my 7 yr old when I started to pick up again but hopefully we will be alright and I hope that if anyone is going through the same the find some use in my story.

Also my husband is a saint, he ran our home whilst working full time and running his own business on the side as a builder. He did everything and more. I love him more than he can imagine
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I don't know what to say other than I hope things look up for you very soon and you have a very healthy baby. Good luck!
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I was not diagnosed in pregnancy, but that is when my Crohns symptoms started. That was 7 years ago. I finally achieved remission and was feeling great for about 6 months. Now I am pregnant again (20 weeks) and flaring. Nothing like you with the strictures and blockages, but the nonstop diarrhea and blood and exhaustion and lack of wanting to eat anything are all too familiar over here. My GI took me off of dairy products entirely (something I never had a problem with before) and it has helped a lot. But I still have my bouts of nausea and blood so I know I'm still flaring. I am currently taking Humira and doing well with it. Maybe that would be something they would consider before tapering you off prednisone completely. I did start the Humira long before I became pregnant, tho so a doctor may be hesitant to start you on it, but it is certainly worth asking since you were so ill. Hope this helps and you feel better soon!

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Modulen is commonly used in children with Crohn's to induce remission. Crohn's usually comes back once they start adding foods to there diet.

Your best option maybe to stay on modulen to after the baby is born and more treatment options will open up to you.

Paging MrChicken who know a lot about EN.
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