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I'm here because I decided to share my feelings and my questions with as many people as possible on auto-immune diseases. I'm French but I love English, so I set up this "English version". Please forgive my mistakes.

Medecine treats as best as possible these chronic and incurable diseases but the triggering of these diseases is still mysterious (genetic factors, food, psychologic factors, pollution...). No hypothesis seems to stick out.

When the doctor broke the news of my Crohn disease, it's been brutal. Ok, we don't die rapidly of these diseases but they are chronic (we can't be cured) and they sometimes evolve into something that can be bad enough.

I'd like to exchange with people affected by the Crohn disease, the ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis.

I want to fight against these diseases and I have the feeling that there are things to be done.
Let's be active as patients and face our ailments.

I am 43, I'm French and my health problems piled up with the years to finally alter my quality of life. Here are the main ailments I suffer from, by chronological order of appearance :

- recurrent anginas, colds and sinusitis, since I'm 3 according to my parents.
- Psoriasis at the elbows, then in the buttocks, then in the ears, evolving since I'm 20.
- Anal irritation for 3 years, then diarrhea and bloody + mucous stools, diagnosed Crohn disease by my gastroenterologist.
- Joint pain in the knees, dryness of the eye for 1 year with recently a meniscal lesion. A personal analysis of these symptoms make me think of a rheumatoid arthritis. An upcoming MRI should help me know what's going on exactly.

The treatments were :

- nasal spray with corticoids to cure sinusitis.
- antibiotics : a lot of them, with a wide range of action.
- cream with corticoids to cure psoriasis.
- salicylates to cure the bloody stools and diarrhea.
- corticoids in tablets for the Crohn disease.
- eyedrops.
- to be determined for the knees.

Treatments and my resolutions (did you have the same?)

The treatments helped relieve the symptoms (except for the salicylate which, on the other hand, made wonders on a plantar wart !) and enabled me to lead an almost normal life, even if the end of the treatments always drive to a relapse after a certain period.

However, the Crohn disease impacted my quality of life more seriously. When you have to go to the toilets 10 to 12 times a day, with bloody stools, you start thinking that it will be difficult to go on with your life as if the disease wasn't there. The gastroenterologist was reassuring, evoking drugs that can control the Crohn disease when this one becomes more severe.
I decided to lead a more healthy life and experiment different natural elements :

1/I quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Without any noticeable effect on my ailments, I don't regret my decision and stick with this life hygiene in order to avoid irritating my mucosas.

2/I tried probiotics, clay, coal, camomile herbal tea, black tea brewed 5 minutes, blueberries. I stopped chocolate, raw fruits, green vegetables, milk. Nothing had a long and noticeable effect.
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D Bergy
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Hello Jaques.

Crohn's certainly can have a big impact on your life.

I hope you find something here that will be useful for the disease.

Best regards.


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