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I put on a separate thread about how I'm managing my crohns emotionally through keeping track my thoughts and discoverings on a blog. I would be really appreciative if any of you could look as the support I've received has really motivated me to keep going positively. Recently I've posted my journey through surgery and post appointments with doctors. I have also experimented with diets, as following a low fiber diet, I have posted two or three sweet recipes, such as brownies, biscuits and cupcakes. I have received some negative feedback about posting my blog link online, so if you're interested to read it, go onto my profile and the link will be there in the bio description>about me.
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Hi Alice,

Thanks for sharing! I really like your blog, especially your scrapbook-idea. It's such a beautiful idea to emphasise the good times one has had and imagining good times when you feel bad etc.
Your ginger biscuits look delicious! So sad ginger is a trigger food for me, but probably I should give it a try in homemade gluten-free biscuits.
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