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Eating after physical activity

Does anyone have or know a way to solve this problem? It happened one day i was running and about 5 minutes after i stopped i had so much pain and when i ate i was fine. i also have to eat every 4 hours or the same thing happens. is there away to stop this? let me know
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I think you may have answered this one yourself. There are some cases where you need to eat little and often to stop this happening. This used to happen the same with me, but now I am down to eating 3 times a day opposed to my usual 6 due to a discussion with my GP and how many times my bowels were opening. My bowels haven't got any better, but it has managed to stop the pain when my stomach is expecting food every 3-4 hours, so there is a positive in my story.

Of course though, everybody is different. Maybe just try eating little and often.
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Hi and welcome.

Sorry, no answers. Saw you were from southern Ontario and had to say hi.
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Welcome to the forum. Have you been diagnosed with Crohn's? What medications are you on?
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Welcome to the community. Have you discussed this issue with your doctor? If so, what was their opinion?
It's good to be back

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