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Occult blood in stool and Hb 9.1 - no other symptom, is it active Crohn's?


I was diagnosed in 2011 and since then was taking Pentasa. In 2012, end-2013 beginning took pred for 3 months. Since then, I am on Pentasa and Azathioprine.

I was not having any problem till early 2015. In Feb 2015 it started with flatulence and stomach pain and sudden haemoglobin drop to 10.7. Doctor suggested probiotics and iron supplements in addition to Pentasa and Azoran. Did not help.
Had a colonoscopy in May again indicating some inflammation. I was having severe pain then with severe flatulence. Doctor suggested start Budez 12 mg and razo in addition to the other drugs. Since then I am fine. No stomach pain and gas.

However, the Hb problem did not solve. Although I do not have pain or any other problems, my Hb level is only 9 now (even after iron infusions). I am having occult blood in the stool. I also have a burning sensation whenever I pass stool and after that.

Is my Crohn still active? I have no other symptoms. No pain, no gas, hungry...everything fine other than Hb and occult blood. Doctor suggesting another colonoscopy (last one I had in May and I hate the procedure). Is it really necessary? What may be the treatment?

Any suggestions?

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Welcome to the forum. I would suggest another colonoscopy. I hate them myself, don't we all. But you should find out what that burning sensation is, could be inflammation in the rectum, and the source of the bleeding as well. I have severe fistulizing Crohn's, and my rectum is scar tissue now. You'd be better off nipping it in the bud, so to say. It might be time for the big guns, if your meds are not effective.
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Thanks Tuff.
Today morning I saw fresh blood on tissue. I guess anal fissure. Have doctor appointment on Monday. Let's see...

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It sounds Crohn's to me.

Do you have a dx of iron deficiency anemia? As it is not improving with iron, are they sure it not anemia of chronic disease.

Have you had your folate and B12 levels tested?
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Vit B12 and folate levels were low before (in March). I started taking supplements. It is better now, within normal range. But I still take supplements.
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yes anal fissure, hemmorhoids these 2 can put blood on tissue or on stool and cause pain, burning, etc... a colonoscopy will help clarify this issue, a mechanical issue or an inflammatory/disease issue or both. the dr can do a special manoeuver to see the hemmorhoids, I have only had this done once during a colonoscopy, so its kind of ''on demand'' because H are not what GI are concerned about. let us know.
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Seeing doc on monday. let's see.

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