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How can I put myself back on track?

Depression is getting to me again and I'm really not sure how to pick myself up from it. I'm a new member to this forum so I'll give you a little background. I am 17 years old and i suffer from Crohn's. I have been through a resection (two years ago) and have remained in remission since. Please leave some suggestions as to how I could go about being a more happy person. Thank you.
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Hi Jamie, sorry to hear you're feeling so down!
I'm 23 and also suffer badly from depression alongside my Crohn's disease and have been seeking advice on how to pick myself up, I have lost all friends and family and have only my boyfriend so also very isolated but have found this forum helps me a lot to talk to people and although they may be half way across the world or not reply for a while it helps that you can talk to people
Have you tried doing something different? Swimming football that kind of thing?!
Hope you feel better soon
Stay positive x
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hi and welcome.
take action:
yes physical activity can help fighting depression, cardiovascular type, so a sport that get your heart beating a good 30 minutes, several times a week. could be anything even bicycle. after a sport, our body secrete well-being hormones. On top of it, physical activity has been associated with maintenance of remission for crohns

You could also find a subject of interest and invest time into it, could be a sport a hobby, a volunteer job, ideally an activity where you will meet people and engage in discussion, socialization. When we help people, we feel rewarded and well, this could help you. I have started volunteering when i was really down hill. It helped me a lot. there are tones of voluntering oportunities, so much choices. Voluntering has engaged me in my community and have me meet many different groups and organizations. It is surprising how interesting it can be

if none of these work, or if you feel you really lack interest, talk to your doctor and ask for an evaluation of your mental health. wishing you well.
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Hey Jamie and welcome. I notice you had a resection which I'm guessing was part of the terminal ileum? While everything you've been through can certainly be depression inducing, I want to make sure that the resolution isn't a little more simplistic. People with Crohn's disease are very susceptible to vitamin B12 deficiency and those with resections of the TI even more so. One symptom can be depression. Point being, have you had your vitamin B12 level tested?
It's good to be back

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