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Starting Remicade Tomorrow...

How long does it take to become effective? I know the loading phase takes about 6 weeks, mostly I'm just wondering how long people typically stay on prednisone for (it's already been 7 months!) after starting. Thanks!
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Good luck! Some people respond fast, within the first 2-3 infusions but most IBD meds take a few weeks to begin noticing a change.
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I noticed a changed after my second dose of the loading phase and after the third felt much better. I had my forth dose yesterday and just started to wean off my Entocort. I should be off of it just as I get my next infusion.

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I noticed a change after 4 infusions but I didn't get remission until changing the dose and frequency and adding 6mp to the mix. ��
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Ugh 7 months of prednisone, I feel for you (my first pred run was 8 months before I started tapering). For me it was dose number 5 where I started to feel definite improvement. It varies but generally if its not working by about dose 5 it is not for you. Many people I talk to feel improvement on dose 2 or 3. remission is usually a longer process though. Hopefully all went well and it works for you.
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