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10 years, remicade, psoriasis (now), TTC...overwhelmed

Hi friends,

New to this forum. I've been diagnosed for 15 years and have handled Crohn's just fine...until now. I started remicade 3.5 years ago and haven't had any Crohn's issues/symptoms/food/drink restrictions at all. However, the first year, I developed erythema nodosum (took prednisone and it went away), the next year I had chronic sinusitis for basically the entire year (did one surgery, won't do the second because I'm not convinced removing tissue in my sinuses is the answer since it's an inflammation issue), also developed an eyelid infection (switched to daily contacts to clear that up), and now in the last two weeks have been diagnosed with psoriasis, pityriasis amiantacea, and a staph infection on my scalp. I think the staph is cleared up, and I can live with the psoriasis (I guess), but the PA caused me to lose 30% of my hair in 6 days.

On top of this, my husband and I are trying to start a family, and I've come to terms that I'm going to have to stay on some sort of TNF therapy while pregnant.

I don't think Humira's right for me after reading these posts, I'm just not sure what to do since I feel like all these side effects are as a result of Remicade. In the previous 12 years of diagnosis (pentasa/azathioprine etc), I never had any issues like this!!

Anyone else out there a hot mess like this? How'd you get through it? Thanks in advance!!

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I do have a suggestion about the psoriasis. Try this It topical so you don't eat it,(JK) and I've seen this stuff do amazing things for me and others.
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no advise for you but sending Hugs and Support your way.
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