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Hello everybody!

Hi everyone,
After years of not knowing what was going on with my on and off "stomach problems" I have been finally diagnosed with Crohns about a year ago after having a colonoscopy. Suffered thru c-diff a few months ago after finishing a regimen of antibiotics to tame a flair up. Boy, that fun. Currently having another huge flair up. Back on the antibiotics again. I have to say, finding this site has really given me encouragement! Thank you all for participating!
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Hello Nick, welcome to the forum. What maintenance meds are you on? Your doctor just prescribes antibiotics for a flare, no prednisone? Personally, antibiotics didn't do anything for me. You may find a low residue diet easier on your intestines during a flare, since there is less output. I hope you feel better soon.
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Hi there, and welcome. I have never been on antibiotics for Crohns, but rather a serious of other meds and steroids. I am currently on Prednisolone and doing well. I hope all works out for you and you get the meds that make you feel better. We are all individuals in our symptoms and how we respond to treatment. You will find this forum very helpful. Good luck.:
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Hi Nick - like you I've only been issued with antibiotics. Flagyl and Erythmancin which seem to settle me down. Flagyl especially. But every time I'm off the Flagyl I end up cycling around to another period of crapness. However unlike you I'm still undiagnosed. I would be pushing now for a stronger than antibiotic medication with your diagnosed state (my personal opinion of course and I'm no Doctor). They won't do that for me as it could be counter-productive if I do end up NOT having CD. Best of luck.
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Thanks everyone. When I was first diagnosed they wanted to start my me on Humira and or some other stuff. The GI Dr. that I had at the time showed something about and upside down pyramid approach that he believed in. I never even heard of Crohns before my diagnosis let alone the drug Humira apart from the commercials on TV. When I researched it it scared me and I declined it. I'm on Flagyl 500mg 3xday and Ciprofloxacin 500mg 2xday. It is calming my system down. I do know now that I need something more but the autoimmune suppressants and steroids just scare me.

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