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my treatment for ulcerative collitise

Hi, I would like to share my experiance with all. Im 28 years old, and I've had a bowel condition for years, they call it irritable bowel syndrome.
Well, in november 2013 I was doing some mma training with a friend which we were doing for some time, and he contracted a virus which he caught from his girlfriend who came from spain.
In the process he became bed ridden and could not hold any food for long. In the coming Days I became servierly ill myself where i could no longer have dairy, acidy foods,wheat,gluten,spices etc.
I couldnt believe what was happening to me I lost 2 stone in the space of 6-8 weeks my life came spiraling down. No hope. Doctors (specialists) told me they dont know much about it or its causes, which left me in limbo. I was taking asacol 800mg 3 times a day,which i was told i will take long term. This didnt help my mental state at all. I tried many things. I cook my own food which is a big advantage, so i went through trial and era until i ridded my diet of all the negative foods from my system. My nan told me only to add onion, garlic,turmeric,oil,and salt to my cooking and only eating chicken,potatoe,fish,okra,and many veg,so i did and my situation came to a managable state.
Breakthrough i now had a good food program to work with, i still had unnatural bowel movements every week so still losing weight gradually. It was only last sunday 16-8-15 i visited a woman called helan for hydropharrapy at the lowry hotel in salford, that i was on my road to recovery.
She was very comforting and the process was painless. She gave me some nutrition advice which i absorbed like a sponge. She told me about jason vail and the juicing diet and how she met a man who had colitise. He only juiced red cabbage and had this every day untill he was cured of his dredfull illness my face showed a sign of relief, light at the end of the tunnel, at last.
I went home feeling withdrawn due to no food inside me but the next morning i started my red cabbage juicing diet for breakfast and now before bed while having green tea and honey 5 times a day with food and i can safley say I have not had the runs since that sunday and feel confident in myself now more than ever before.
I will continue this untill i have fully recovered. I do feel like a diferrent person already. So please try this because i would hate for someone els to go through the same daunting experiance i went through. Thank you all for taking time to read this short artical.
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Hi and welcome,

its great you are feeling better, hopefully this will continue to full remission :-) A lot of us seek help from alternative medecine, diets, etc, but the only important thing is to keep going to your GI consultant for monitoring. Only this doctor can assess your disease is no longer active and that you dont need medication. sometimes a minor inflammation can remain without us being aware of it and this has to be managed in order to avoid possible longterm complications. wishing you well and let us know how it goes.
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