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How do i know if it's a flare up?

Hi everyone, im new to the site. Apologies!! I'm sure most Crohn's sufferers will be crystal clear if they are having a flare up. The problem i have is that my son (who is 18) has been diagnosed with Crohn's since August 2013 but he is also autistic with limited speech. Putting it out there he currently has sores around his mouth, complaining of a 'sore throat' (which is what he first complained of when undiagnosed), piles, going to he toilet a lot (very wispy consistency), i noticed some bloody mucus last week too. He can sometimes appear like he needs to sleep on the spot too, but otherwise he is happy. He is in a mental health hospital at the moment for treatment of challenging behaviour and no one seems to know about Crohn's. They are getting a Doctor today and i have asked that they give paracetamol at regular intervals, he had a spray for his throat before. Can anyone recommend anything they have tried for pain relief or any of the other symptoms i have listed? I would really appreciate it as i think if he is in serious pain and cannot communicate this it could contribute to his challenging behaviour too as well as being in pain. I have no idea what the pain would feel like for him. Thanks so much. L x

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Hi Linda,I,m sure your sons Drs will get a handle on what's going on crohns flare ups can present in a few ways I,m struggling slightly just now mine presented with joint pain anything that i,ve injured in the past is hurting badly and i,m hitting the toilet a lot but just loose not running out which sounds similar to your son my gp put me on codeine phosphate for pain and it helps to dry things up though I,m going to hospital on Thursday,some pain killers aren,t suitable for crohnies it might be woth dropping a hint.good luck
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Thanks for your reply, i will mention that as ive asked the hospital to contact me when the GP is coming today. Best wishes for the hospital stay, we are from Scotland too and found the treatment for my son (endoscopy etc) really good up there. All the best!
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Codeine prescribed along with laxido daily. Hoping things settle now.
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Hi Linda,

I'd suggest you get a appointment with the GI doctor asap. Call the nurse at the department and explain the symptoms your son is experiencing right now. Imuran could be increased to reach better therapeutic levels and put crohns in remission. 75 mg is a low dose, a starting dose.
I have throat issues as well, chronic pharyngitis. I consult a ENT doctor for that. Did your son have a referral to see a ENT specialist?
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