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How long before 6 mp works

Hi All,
I am on humira once every 10 days but it only seems to give me one or two days of relief. I probably need to be on it every 7 days. I have been on 6 mp since mid July at 50 mg. as my gastro doc wants me to get off of the humira. She is a specialist from Stanford so I am giving my complete trust over to her. of yet, the only positive is that I don't feel like I have the urge to "go" all day. But, the humira seemed to manage that symptom fairly well. The reason my new gastro doc put me on the 6 mp is because I have no appetite. I am talking zero, zip, zilch...EXCEPT four days after my humira injection then I can eat like a horse for one day...sometimes two. I hate not having an appetite as I love food. So, nine times out of ten I have to juice or blend foods in my vitamix just to get it down me. Grrrrrrr......not a fun way to live. SO....wondering if this 6 mp will ever kick in. So far, it really hasn't helped with anything except give me a feeling of nauseousness. So....not only do I NOT feel like eatting but I feel like I can throw up at anytime. Waaaahhhhh. Any suggestions?
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Hi yes, fatigue and nausea are common at introduction of 6-mp, shall pass soon. If it persists, tell your doctor. 6-mp can start kicking at week 6 to 8. Some people take longer to respond and can take a few months.
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