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Crohn's Flare-up when exercising

Hey all,

I got told I had crohn's April last year. I am first to say it hasn't been easy as I love food and didn't normal have time to be making a special diet, I would just grade what ever I could.

I have work out most of my trigger foods and is thankful that milk shake help easy my pain. Since February 2014 I had none stop pain or pain more than 5 times a week, up until march 2015 and I went a few months pain free. I am also a very sporty person and ice hockey is my main sport. I was told by my consultant to not over exercise, as this could cause a flare up.

I also noticed that when I was in Turkey start of this month, no matter what I did, I had a problems. I believe it was the difference in the food.

Problem I have now is, I am currently in Finland at a England ice hockey team camp which is including 7-8 hours per day training or work outs. As well as eating food we are not 100% know what is in it, as its is all closed kitchen and the food is brought out for you to help yourself. I can't ask as most theirs of the kitchen staff is in a none accessible area and don't speak good English. This is day 3 and I had a minor flare up this morning which could be either the training or food, I pushed on threw it as it's is one and only camp. As you can imagine the pain got worse as the afternoon arrived, in return I sat out for last two activities.

We are now reached the mid week rest point, which is only afternoon we have off until back to it tomorrow and Friday until traveling home.

I want to know if anyone else out there has Crohn's disease related flare ups with exercise and knows something that can help me get threw the last two days of this camp.

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Any kind of stress (physical or emotional) can cause a flare.
I was a long distance runner before my diagnosis in Feb. I would flare after races (at the time I blamed it on food). I have not started back to running since my diagnosis. I do plan too but want my disease to be controlled first.
For me rest and medicine are the only things that get me through a flare. Not sure this helps. I hope you were able to make through the rest of your camp.

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I get minor flareups when I over exert myself, but nowadays it manifests itself in other ways like exhaustion that lasts for days, weakness in muscles, aching joints and I get very low in mood, Its taken a long time to get to where i am now and its frustrating every time I push myself this happens. Just perservere with it and do what you can, when you can, some pro athletes have crohns so there is a way if the illness hasnt already destroyed your body before you get treatment. I hope you get back training again soon, don't give up on your dreams.

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