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Why does my pain increase with seton after bowel movement

Hi, thanks for having me to the group.
My problem started last month. I thought my hemorrhoids were acting up. I was in a lot of pain. I hadn't hurt this bad since I had my first child and he is 26 years old. Anyway, I went to the GI doctor, saw his PA. I received first wrong diagnosis. After, explaining to her my pain and what I thought the problem was she did a sorry rectal exam and said "Yes, definitely your hemorrhoids." I received a steroid suppository and was sent home with 3 days off. The first time I used the suppository I knew something was not right. My pain immediately increased, I felt the worst pain I ever had and an even worse pressure. My hubby started giving me sitz baths. During this weekend I also fell outside and hit our porch swing pole. The pole split my butt cheeks. So I dealt with agonizing pain all weekend. Saw my PCP on Monday, 2nd wrong diagnosis he said he thought I had a fissure (well he was partially right). But he couldn't explain this abnormal swelling on both butt cheeks. More suppositories, more sitz baths, more pain. 4 days later not better, now I am having fevers and chills, what I call goose eggs have formed on both butt cheeks. I can barely walk, sit, lay down, eat or drink at this point. I felt something wet and a reddish, orange thick fluid was noted. I showed my husband and he said we need to go to the emergency room now. Long story short went, got CT scan. Multi abscesses were found. Had to have emergency surgery that day. Got seton and a penrose drain. Six days in hospital. Penrose removed 2 weeks later. Seton drains have been in place since. The drainage is intermittent along with the pain. The more drainage,the less pain. The less drainage the more pain. Pain particularly increases after bowel movements. Is this the normal. My surgeon was vague. I really am confused and afraid all at once. Especially with this being the weekend and the only way to my surgeon is through the dreaded ER. Someone please help

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Hi and welcome.

I'm afraid I can't help. I'm sure someone will be along who can.
Sending you my support.
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Hi there and welcome to the community. Did they offer a reason for the abscesses? I assume you haven't been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, correct? Have you been referred to a gastroenterologist?
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I have 2 setons in atm and have been through 19 operations for my abscess.
The pain always increases for me after a bowel motion and its just from the pressure.

if you are experiencing pain though and pressure with temp also go back to the hospital cause you may have a infection which is what keeps happening to me hence all the operations.

its a terrible thing

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