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Birth Control Pill to help ease symptoms

I spoke to my GI doctor yesterday and was telling him how I noticed my Crohn symptoms seem to be worse a few days before, week of, and few days after my menstrual cycle. Are there any females out there that have the same problem? He suggested that I get on birth control. I'm 35 and do not plan on having anymore children so I do not object to this. Is there anyone out there that found a particular birth control pill that has helped ease their Crohn problems?
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I too have considered this but I have refrained because I have heard that it caused a higher risk of blood clots and people with IBD are already higher risk. Not entirely sure on that though. Would like to hear from other on the risks vs benefits.
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I have been on the pill for over two years but only got diagnosed with Crohn's 5 months ago so I sadly can't tell you if it helps with the Crohn's. However, my general period pain is less on the pill, and for me less pain and cramping of any kind is always welcome. The blood clot thing is something to think about but for me (I'm 19) the benefits of the pill outweigh the risks. I get regular blood pressure checks with the pill but otherwise I've never had any problems with it! Good luck with whatever you decide!
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I was just diagnosed with Crohns two months ago. My doctor is still working to see what medicine is going to work for me. He just increased my Pentasa dosage this week. I may wait and see if it helps ease things. Last time I was on birth control it may my blood pressure high. I don't know if I want to take that chance again. I may go talk to my gyno just to have options if needed.
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I also have the same problem and wonder what I can do. It is getting worse as I get older (now 41).
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Fwiw if your only on pentasa
I would ask your Gi how long before you can get relief
Most Gi equate pentasa as a monotherapy for crohns the same as giving aspirin to a brain tumor patient - not going to hurt much but not going to help much either
Pentasa only acts similar to a cream on the surface of the intestines which is why it works well for UC . Crihns affects multiple layers ( thickness of the intestine -) not just the surface
Many studies have proven 5-Asa should not be used alone for crohns
Pentasa is one of them
It's not even approved or recommended as a mono therapy for crohns
Ds was put on it for a month when he was first dx
I knew nothing about crohns even what meds did what at the time
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