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Help me identify if this is Crohn's?

Hello everyone!

Aug 18, I started having severe abdominal cramps, bloating, gassy stomach, watery diarrhea after eating fried hotdog, this didnt stop for the whole night until I fell asleep due to exhaustion. I was pooing water literally. The next trigger around Aug 20, when I ate fried chicken. Same symptoms. I went to the doctor and she prescribed probiotics, and meds for diarrhea to be taken 3x a day for 5 days. I was getting better for 2 days when I decided to eat a greasy peanut butter, then boom. Same symptoms same pain. I was so frustrated.

I decided to see another doctor. My doctor had me do CBC, urine and feces test. I was all clear! She suspected I am having GALLSTONES. so she asked me to have an Whole abdominal Ultrasound.

I was surprised to see that all my internal organs are OK! No stones whatsoever.

NOw here's the deal: my next appointment with my doctor is on Tuesday. But I am thinking if I should see an Gastroenterologist directly.

Here are my symptoms:

1. Fat intolerance (severe when fatty)
2. Soft stool with mucus (if theres no diarrhea)
3. Stomach bloating (flatulence and belching occur daily)
4. Perennial disease with fistula (im not sure if it is perennial but Ive had lesion near my anus since I was 14, I am now 25. They arent causing me any trouble, occasional pain and blood and sometimes pus)
5. Anxiety or stress makes my stomach excited and makes me 'go'

The only reason I started seeing the doc is the diarrhea, because its the first time it happened that it didnt stop after 2 days. My diet primarily involved fatty food in the past so I didnt understand why only now.

There was also one notable scenario in the past that caused me to have a severe stomach pain that feels like its gonna explode due to air.

Could this be what they call a FLARE?

Please help me with all your might!
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Hi welcome, not 100% sure but it could well be crohn's, fatty foods are known to make thing worse for a lot of people, i know you said you were ok with fatty foods before,(or i think you did) but you may not of had crohn's then, if indeed you do now. please ask your doctors etc to run tests for crohn's as the sooner it's treated the better, the less chance it has to get a hold on you the better chance you have not to get severely sick..take care,best wishes and i pray for you that it's not crohn's. keep us updated please, we are here to help as best we can..

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Hello and welcome to the forum leejaedi!

I would ask for a referral to a GI based on the blood and mucus coming from the possible fistula alone. Were you never seen for that before? You need a colonoscopy done with biopsies to try and get a concrete diagnosis.

For now while you wait to see your regular doctor and the GI, try to stick to a very bland diet like the BRAT (banana, rice, applesauce and toast) diet or the low residue diet Really try to increase your fluid intake as well (lots of water) to help with all the water you've lost from the diarrhea. This may help to reduce your symptoms.

With you experiencing a large amount of pain and abdominal distention in the past, it's very possible that you may have a stricture/narrowing somewhere. Increasing your fluids while eating a more bland diet and in smaller more frequent portions can help reduce the partial and full blockages strictures can cause.

Let us know how your appointment goes. Keep us posted on how you're doing.
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