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I've in the worst mood lately... I felt mad for the last 3 days and now slightly depressed. Everything is just UGGGHHH. I miss my son. People piss me off. Customers are retarded. As for Crohn's sufferers being more intelligent than the norm...I AGREE. Look at me I'm rambling

Do you go through these moody events?
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Hye Steve,

As you know mate, i'm as well-balanced as a spirit level on middle if the atlantic ocean during a hurricane! and you know mate people piss me off aswell frequently and customers are not easy at my place either. Take it easy mate, i'm around if you fancy a chat.
07-23-2006, 02:29 PM   #3
I noticed you both referred to customers. I think that everyone should have to work in the service industry. As a waitress, I think that restaurants are the worst. Ridiculous people can cause a good mood to go sour quickly.
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I think mood swings are definately the norm, especially on greater dosages of meds and when the stomach is acting up. Just realize you cannot control it and do not worry or stress, and that should hopefully help your mood.
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mood swings are definitely the norm mate - especially when i get my period !!

yeesh ..
07-23-2006, 07:58 PM   #6
mood swings are deffffinately normal. period does make it worse as does alot of pain and meds and i think IBD ingeneral can!
07-24-2006, 12:46 AM   #7
I'm feeling good today...
Thanks for the message JOJO BUNNY
07-24-2006, 03:23 PM   #8
mood swings? who me? noooo. lol
I find the drugs just dont help with that part of things.. esp any type of steroid. I refused my last dose last time I had remicade, and so far so good.. not too cranky yet anyways

I hope you feel better soon. I find its best just to go to bed, and hope when I wake up the sun makes things a bit more shiny
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My mood goes up and down so much I'm legally changing my name to Otis. Meds are part of it, illness is another. Sometimes it's just the feeling that I'm all alone with this... Not that there aren't people who love and support me, it's just that if you don't have this illness, you really don't get it. I was a strong, robust man who took pride in the fact that I could outwork men half my age. Now, I often feel like a baby... and the bathroom is my security blanket. I don't even mind the pain so much as being in public view if it get's out of hand. Mind you, I could do without
the side effects of the meds... sucks to get sore mouth & migraines from the stuff that's supposed to make you better. However, when I'm really down in the dumps
I force myself out of it.. I get up off my backside, go out & socialize, regardless of how good/bad I feel. Makes me feel better just to be amongst people and to feel that i'm doing something, anything positive. Figure positive out = positive in...

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Yay! A medical excuse to be a beeeeetch to the customers at work! I'm not terribly moody, but I have my moments. I work at a pizza place and the people can piss me off sometimes. Not to mention I work a looong time so I cheer myself up with some pizza which I'm sure doesn't help me. I wish we had a breakroom with a microwave or something like we had at my previous job. Really my only choices are pizza (evil), breadsticks (evil), wings (evil), or salad (EVIL!). Theres a grocery store next door but your choices are limited when you can't really heat anything up (unless you dare put it in the pizza oven, eeek!). OH and by the time I get home I'm too tired to make something healthy. Hmm, what does this have to do with mood swings? Pizza makes me a sour puss and I'm around it all the time! Hrumph!
07-28-2006, 03:19 AM   #11
Funny you should mention that..... I eat pizza and salad almost everyday for lunch
07-29-2006, 12:48 PM   #12
I'm right there with you on the mood swings. Glad to know I have something to blame it on other than me just bein' crazy. And no, customers do NOT help the sitch. Luckily, I usually get the absolutely inane questions that I can go and laugh at after the customer leaves.

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