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Positive Hidradenits treatment results (finally!)

I had some very promising results treating my son who has had Hidradenitis Supperativa since his teenage years. It has caused him a great deal of suffering over the years and has only gotten steadily worse. He recently had one of the growths removed from his forehead surgically because I couldn't give him any relief from it in spite of my best efforts. His condition has been a thorn in my side for years. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what makes it tick. maybe I have now, with a guiding hand.

The multiple sores are constantly draining, many of them on his buttocks which makes sitting on a hard surface very painful. They are usually inflamed, oozing and extremely painful. He takes way too much ibuprofen to try make the pain bearable.

To give you an idea of how bad it was, he was considering taking Accutane as a treatment. He could not afford the medication, as it was several hundred dollars a month. He also did not like the possible serious side effects that could result, such as Crohn's, but he was suffering a lot also.

He does not have Crohn's but I do, so I have always been looking for the connection between the two diseases, but had no luck over the last five years of testing pathogens that may be related to both.

That all changed recently.

If you read my recent H-Pylori update, that is where it all started. I will not repeat my post, but here is a link to it, to put things in context.

Basically, I found out that my past treatment for H-Pylori was not aggressive enough, and I was missing most of it. H-Pylori is one of the four pathogens I have identified as being the main culprits in my Crohn's disease.

Given my recent results, I decided to see if there was any possible link between H-Pylori and Hidrandentis in the research world. I came across this case report:

I did not look any further than that because I knew I could easily test whether H-Pylori was involved or not, with my son's Hidrandentis using my recent and past experiences with the bacterium. I simply have to run the frequency that kills H-Pylori for a twenty minute interval on my son. I know it works quickly and results should be seen in a few days.

On August 21st he came up for the weekend and I ran the 676 Hz frequency using my GB-4000 and MOPA transmitter which is more commonly called a Rife machine. It is a top notch powerful machine. The device simply outputs whatever frequencies you select through a plasma tube which act as a short range antennae to deliver the frequency to the body. One of the mechanisms of this treatment is resonance. If the correct frequency is used, it resonates with the specific pathogen and weakens or otherwise destroys it. The over simplified example often used is the shattering of a wine glass by an opera singer. It is not quite accurate, but it gives you an idea of what may be going on.

The destruction of the Tahoma Narrows bridge in the 40's via resonance is a better example.

For some in backround information on the frequency method, here is a reference:

After the twenty minute treatment we went to bed and quite honestly I was not too hopeful. We have done many treatments in the past, and only one had any effect on him, and that did not help his condition. I even told him not to get his hopes up.

The next day he was none the worse for the treatment, as a matter of fact the swelling had gone down enough by the evening that he could sit on an unpadded rocking chair with out much discomfort. That's a good sign but not really enough to draw any conclusions from.

The same evening I ran the machine for another, thirty minute session. I estimated that thirty minutes should be able to kill much of the H-Pylori no matter the depth in the body. The deeper the pathogen lies in the body, the longer it takes to kill it.

The next day his inflammation appeared to be less, his comfort level was better. He had to leave for home that day so I sent a different, more portable, but weaker frequency device home with him to use, because I doubt it is eliminated yet and there is no harm in treating for several weeks.

One day four, here is his text to me:

"Day 4 minimal pain the draining has almost stopped in all the sores. The only time it seems to get flared up is after I run the frequency and that is mild pain and is gone by the morning. I would assume they will heal if they continue to not produce fluid".

I asked if he has had to take any Ibuprofen lately for pain. He tells me: "No not since last week".

I am hopeful, but it is hard for me to fathom that a simple H-Pylori infection could be the root cause of all his horrible symptoms. But, I am not one to argue against results that can be easily seen. I tell him to continue on treating for 30 minutes every day.

I am a bit worried about co-infections such as staph, but my machine is the only one that can run the more reliable staph frequencies so that will wait until he comes back here.

By Sunday, nine days after the first treatment, I am looking for some type of unprecedented healing that would be more solid evidence that the H-Pylori is causing most of his problem. He texts me the following:

I am just real hopeful. My tail bone has not had improvements ever, it has always gotten worse or stayed the same."

I am not sure if he is telling me if it has improved or not so I ask for clarification. I ask if he is saying his tailbone is not better now or it is better.

He says: "its getting better."

On Tuesday I ask him if anything is new with the sores?

He says: "Nothing affects it, I can eat crappy food, smoke cigs, stress. Still no pain".

He also adds: "Its unusual for certain foods and stress to not cause pain, they have for so long."

Since he is his fathers son, he is trying to provoke a flare, as I would, to make sure its all for real.

Now I want some third party observations. I ask him if his wife can tell the difference. Women are pretty intuitive on stuff like that.

He says: "yeah she can tell, Mike at work can tell because I get up a lot more because it doesn't hurt. "

He also adds: I can sit on the steps and have a smoke now, I can never sit on hard stuff like that".

My next thoughts are whether it is a temporary physiological effect, or is it the direct result of less H-Pylori. Given the research, and the specific frequency used that is for H-pylori, it seems incredibly unlikely that it is just a soothing effect of the frequency, but I guess that remains to be seen. Even if it is, that does not make it a worthless endeavor. Even if it just relieved the pain and inflammation for a time, it would be far superior to any treatment out there today for the condition.

Anyway, yesterday the device quit working. It had a lot of miles on it from treating my wife's Lyme, and the manufacturer is no longer in business. He is going to see if he can fix it with the help of coworkers. If he does not get it fixed, he will go for several days before he gets back here for another treatment. If he stays clear of any pain or increased inflammation, that will be a good sign that it is not just a temporary physiological effect, and that the reduction, or elimination, ( I can't tell which) of H-Pylori is at least one of the main causes of the sores. It may not be the only one, but if the sores keep healing more, and eventually heal over completely without the tunneling that typically occurs, I think we have a winner here that should be able to help more than just him.

H-Pylori may not just cause ulcers in the stomach and intestines. It may turn out is causes them in the skin also. We will see.

I will update here as I get updated. Its a work in progress in real time now. We will see which way it goes. The results will speak for themselves either way.

Nothing I post here is to be construed as medical advice. I am not a doctor or health professional.
They are simply my opinions.

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