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Hi everyone.
My name is Barrie, I have had crohn's since 1989. 3 re-sections and a mountain of medication later I am still here and wish to share and hear from anyone with this affliction.
At the moment I am on 40mg Humira twice a month and 100mg of mycophenolate. Prior to the Humira I was suffering from a moderately strong flare-up. Now 3 months later things are slowly returning back to a more comfortable situation.
My reason for joining the group is to hopefully get some helpful advise and if I can help anyone too.
I live in London and am a patient with the London Hospital. I have nothing but the highest of praise for the treatment that I have received to date.
I am in the process of moving to France and I would love to get advice from others about health care insurance, getting my Humira and other meds etc..

Any advise and help will be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the forum Barrie.We're all interested in others stories and like to share.
You're sure to be an interesting and helpful member.
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Welcome to the forum!

Glad to hear you're doing better since starting Humira. Good luck with the move!
Stricturing jejunoileitis dx 1996 aged 17
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