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Growth Hormone?

Ive been on prednisone this whole year started taking 50mg and continued on this high dose for 6 months, now on 25mg for the past 3 months and these past 2 weeks starting to have a flare up. I can get really bad anxiety on 50 mg so a bit scared to go back up.
My doctor was shocked when I told him I had been on prednisone for so long and demands me to tapper off. But I cannot live any sort of life without it, even when in remission I still have no energy and fatigue 24/7. I love prednisone I get no side effects besides water retention and hunger which I'm not concerned about, I have so much energy but I am surprised that I am having a flare up at moment even on 25mg. Anyways... I know I need to come off pred and that I've probably already caused a lot of damage but atleast I'm living some sort of life for the moment... So I've been researching and came across human growth hormone as an effective treatment for crohns, it has plenty of other benefits also so I'm curious... Has anyone used HGH for a treatment for crohns?
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Hi and welcome.

Are you under the care of a gastroenterologist? Are you one any maintenance meds for your Crohn's?
Prednisone is an anti-inflammitory drug. Fast acting and not a long term medication. While you have no side effects now long term use can cause serious issues down the road.

HGH is a growth hormone. A totally different steroid.
I wouldn't use it to try and treat Crohn's. My recommendation is to see a GI specialist and get properly treated.

Sending you my support.
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Another Australian member here. I also like to know what maintenance medication they are using?

I am also going to page DustyKat as she is from NSW.
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