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Colonoscopy while asymptomatic

I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2010 and my symptoms are very well controlled and my medication regimen has (Lialda, Imuran) has been stable since the beginning of 2011. Now my GI wants to me to do another colonoscopy to see how things look.

Obviously, I'd prefer to avoid the inconvenience of the procedure. Is there evidence that follow-up every five years in an asymptomatic patient is tied to improved outcomes? I note that the American Gastroenterological Association advises colonoscopy eight years following initial IBD diagnosis due to elevated colorectal cancer risk. But I don't see anything elsewhere indicating a routine five-year follow-up in a patient such as myself.

Thoughts? What about doing a fecal test instead?
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Hi and welcome.

A colonoscopy is good to see the state of your Crohn's. Make sure the meds are working and ensure there is no silent inflammation causing damage.
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Hi im in a similar boat too, due a colo soon myself. Tho they aren't a barrel of laughs, i feel i'd rather know if anything was going on that i maybe unaware of, so that it can be treated quickly thus saving me any more suffering than need be. By all means ask if a cal fecal test would tell them the same info as the colo, if so you maybe able to avoid it, but best to go with docs advice as they tend to know whats best to find out what they need to know.
Best wishes..

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