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The effects sun has on Crohns

Hi guys,

Has anyone noticed that after being in the sun for a while their bowels are better??
I love the sun and i've noticed that during summer i feel amazing, my brother (who is studying to be doctor) has told me that its great for Crohns disease suffers.

I hate the cold so i try to avoid going outside as much a possible and dont feel as good as i did in summer.

As much as i'm against solairum tanning, do u think this could be better in the long run during winter.

Does anyone agree with this??

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Low vitamin D levels are thought to contribute to the development of autoimmune diseases such as Crohn's and Cancer.

That is the reason I am attempting to raise my D-3 levels above what is considered normal by today's standards.

Possibly the Vitamin D that the body produces from Sun exposure is helping your symptoms.

Another explanation is that Vitamin D is somewhat similar to a steroid in its effect.

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Hmm interesting... I went to a chiropractor for some back issues a while back and he sent me for some blood work and it showed that I had very low vitamin D levels. I take a prescription whopping dose (the supplements you buy in the store aren't enough my doc. said) but I think this is safer than being in the sun for too long - skin cancer not a pretty thing...and sun tanning places I think should be avoided at all costs! Too dangerous - you really are exposing yourself to potential skin cancer risks...Just my two cents worth...
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I live in an area where we have about 300 days of sun light a year. I generally feel better(mentally) just being outdoors rather than being cooped up in the house. I was born and raised here, and I don't think I am Vit. D deficient. All the new research on Vit D. is very interesting. I haven't noticed a big change in my Crohn's issues as a result of getting more sunlight...Its good though that you find it helps.
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I love the sun too but most meds require you to stay out of the sun, like Cipro and Steroids, as everyone points out Vitamin D staves off diseases and being out in the sun can create other problems..Crohns is enough!
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I'm in SE New Mexico, land of the desert sunshine. If the sun worked for me, I'd be healed for sure. I'm very, very dark from the sun. I'm an outdoor type with some Choctaw Indian blood.
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Several years ago my husband was bed bound in hospital, The nurses pushed him in his bed outside into the sunshine, they left him there for quite a long time, he was red with the sunburn, Doctors went mad at the nursres, they say if yiu are on steroids as he is, you should stay out of the sun as much as possible, Peggy

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