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Help Please!!!!!

Hi. I am Brittany. I am 31. Past history: 2005 had an external hemorrhoid and constant diarrhea. I couldn't sit flat on me bum without being in tears. I went to the hospital for a test, and I believe I drank "barium"? Either way, I remember them taking an x r ray right after I finished the drink and then one like 20mins later? (Long time ago, sorry) I also remember telling me that it was probably going to take awhile for the barium to go through. After the 2nd x-Ray, the drink had already gone through my system and wanted out. Long story short, Something showed up at the end of small intestines and the beginning of my colon. The GI wanted to do a colonoscopy and endoscopy, but I chickened out and used the Citracel instead.

Since then I have a lot of times where I urgently need to go number 2 and all that comes out is mucus and faint bits of #2. This is terribly hard to describe and disgusting, I'm sorry. I also will have some episodes sporadically where I will wake up in the middle of the night and be completely covered in sweat with the most horrendous stomach cramps. These episodes usually involve at least 3 times to the bathroom until it's over. It's HORRIBLE! I take all of my clothes off bc I'm burning froom the inside out and have a hard time staying on the toilet seat bc I'm sweating so much I'm sliding off. The cramps are out of this world painful. They make me drool, feel like I have to vomit also, which has only happened once(2weeks ago) and with every cramp even though they hurt so bad, I know whatever is inside of me is coming out! When I do eliminate each time, I stop sweating immediately and freeze to death. Like I said it takes about three times until I am functioning again.

So, 3 months ago I started to notice a huge flare up in my acne. Except this was not acne as I know it. I had big red blister like raised bumps that covered my whole face. They were painful. Very painful. I thought it was a food allergy and stopped drinking caffeine and cheese. Ultimately, they went away. But I did start drinking a lot more water and taking a natural Tumeric anti inflammatory vitamin. At the same time these "zits" were occurring, I had noticed the ends of my hair breaking off, which I finally had to cut bc the breakage left me with about 3" of hair in spots. My nails were also very brittle. Last month I had 4 periods. Yup. 4. Im back to normal again.

Within these last 3 months I have been very up and down with my mental state. I am a happy girl and dont optimistic to a fault sometimes, so this upsetting. I weight 125.6lbs as of today. On July 8th of this year I weighed 140lbs. (All weight was taken on same scale). So the weight loss is what brought me into my GP last Friday. He ran blood tests and allergy tests on me. No allergies to any foods. The blood test was great except I had an insufficient amount of Vitamin D so I am also on 5000units of a it D a day.

How could I have an insufficient amount of vitamin d?! I work in the horticulture dept at a park district and I am laboring everyday rain, shine or snow all year round OUTSIDE! Whatever!

On Tuesday (two days ago) I went to subway and got a fresh chicken salad. I ate. 40mins later I sweat through my shirt and was shaking, my legs were weak, I was nauseous, my head and back were on fire and my stomach was cramping badly except I did not have to go to the bathroom. I sat in the bathroom stall for 35mins and by that time work was over and I was able to go home. I came home and felt I needed to go #2 urgently. I went and when I went to clean myself there was something hanging out of my anus. I moved from side to side, I stood up, and when that didn't work I just panicked and pushed it back in. I've dealt with an external hemorrhoid, now I have an internal one. Which is fine, no blood, no pain, it just was a very traumatic experience that I never want to happen again. Went to Urgent Care and it was a hemorrhoid.
Yesterday when I woke up from work I ate some frosted flakes, I made it through work until 910. I had to leave because I couldn't function. I felt dizzy, cramps, weak, shakey, nauseous and my head and back were sweating again. I went home and didn't feel better until around 1pm after sleeping on the floor with my dog, which I NEVER nap. But for the past couple months I have been so tired it doesn't matter how much rest I have gotten, I'm pooped and can fall asleep anywhere. At dinner last night, same thing happened. This morning I didn't eat anything before work but still felt nauseous. When I was at work I ate a half of a clementine. 20mins later, sweating, dizzy, shakes, heart racing and now I'm home miserable again.
My GP had referred me to a GI which I can't get in to see until October 28th and as of today just referred me to an Endocrinologist which I have an appt for next Tuesday.

*I want to define the dizzy, nausea thing real quick : it feels as if I have just drank copious amounts of alcohol and I am a staggering drunk. I can't see right, I don't know what I am doing, I get off balance, I can't really even think or talk. And no, I am not drunk

Does this sound like Crohn's disease to anyone except me? I'm beside myself right now. I can't function properly and can't even make it through a whole work day. I feel like it's getting worse and worse.

Please help! I want my happy life back.

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I can see a lot of people are reading this. No one is commenting. Why?

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Everything you describe could be Crohn's. You said 'something showed up at the end of the small intestine' that's the Terminal Ileum which is the most common place for Crohn's. It's also where most Vitamin D is absorbed. You'll likely be B12 deficient too if that's the case.

I think you need to wait for the GI and get that colonoscopy. As it's been several years you might have developed a stricture due to scarring. This is what happened to me and it was only after losing lots of weight that I sought help and I had many of the same symptoms.

Hope it gets better for you. Waiting for diagnoses is incredibly frustrating.
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Sorry for the late reply.

Your symptoms could mean Crohn's, but I'm no doctor.

Vitamin D deficiency is common in Crohn's. I've read of people getting sweats as well.
I've experienced lots of the cramping pain associated with CD.

Is the dizziness accompanied by extreme fatigue?

Fatigue is very common with CD. It could be associated with poor absorption of food and/or dehydration.

I'd suggest keeping notes of everything that goes on and when. Take that to your appointment along with questions.

I sure hope you get some answers.

Sending you my support.
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