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Stomach pain after taking Imuran

Hey everyone,

So I've been taking Imuran since July (you can see my thread about it below) And for the most part it was going really well.

But for the past few days, I've found after I take it in the morning, I get stomach pains like I used to when I was flaring. The pains have also been happening after I eat breakfast (an hour or more later). Yesterday morning, I waited for hours before I ate breakfast and I was fine.

It's just a bit confusing to have these stomach pains after I take my meds and after I eat on occasion. I also find after I take Imuran it wakes up my bowels for the morning, not sure if that's normal either.
And after I eat breakfast :/

A few nights ago I was waking up in the middle of the nght with extreme stomach pains.

It's just super weird! But it means I've been missing out on work/life and I really need it to stop!
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I really think you need to chat with you Doctor
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Try taking half of your dose in the morning and half at night. I had the same problem until I did this.

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When is your next regular blood work due?

I also think you should contact your GI.
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