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Called in sick...AGAIN

Last Friday I took a personal day off to take care of bills and debts and stuff. And now today I'm having a wee bout of diarrhea (yes, that's an understatement) so I didn't dare go into work today. I'm doing a lot of filing, and with all the bending and reaching and squatting, I fear what would happen.

So...I'm taking a four-day weekend here, and it sucks. I just started this job two and a half weeks ago. I got it through my usual temp agency, which had to lay me off my last job because of too many sick days. That was several months ago, called in sick too much, and they let me go. And now they gave me this new job, I am, four-day weekend. And it sucks. I'm afraid I won't have a job tomorrow.

I called in two hours ago, and left messages with both my hiring agent and my immediate supervisor. I haven't heard back from either of them. I guess I still have a job, and everything's cool; otherwise I would have heard back from them by now. But...well, you all know how it goes.

Crap. Just venting, fearing the worst, and looking for assurance I guess. Can anyone else relate?
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I can relate.. Im sure most of us can. do all the appropriate people know about your condition? and that some times, your just not able to work? I find if your having to take a lot of time off, its best to be as brutaly honest as possible.

I can work myself into a real state when I have to call in sick.. its all I can think about, and I feel guilty, and cant relax.. next thing you know Im even sicker than I was when I had to call in and say I couldnt make it.

hope your not stressing too much. and feel better soon.
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My immediate supervisor knows I have Crohn's, and she knows what it is. She's not really my supervisor, she's a coworker who trained me and is head of a particular project we're on together. And my hiring agent knows of my disease, of course.

Well, no calls or e-mails all day today so I feel pretty safe about still having my job. Silly how we worry so much about these things, isn't it? Alas.
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Hye ScottMan,

I know what you mean about worrying about these things it sure worries me when i'm off sick but I guess my job is my mortgage and my life I suppose without that i'd be homeless LOL. So a realistic worry for sure.
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Things always seem worse in the heat of the moment. Just calm down and think about this. This is a new employer, your condition is known, this is the first sick day you took with this company. Does this seem like enough to get rid of you? I certainly do not think so. I would just relax and realize that you did everything you could (contacted the right people to tell about how you are feeling) and that there is no reason why this would result in your job being lost.

Hope you are not worried anymore and are feeling much better.
07-29-2006, 11:38 PM   #6
Heh. It's nice to walk into work and hear your boss say "Hey Scott, glad you're feeling better," just all casual like nothing really happened. Because, well, nothing really happened.

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