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Help me get started with IBD test results

Been struggling with SIBO for 18months. Just had my 3rd SIBO breath test and my results were normal.. FINALLY.

SIBO has caused quite a few other problems.. Hiatal hernia, food intolerances, low stomach acid (diagnosed by Heidelburg test) and because it was methane based, pretty bad IBS-C. I've had to get hydrocolonics and do coffee enemas the past few months just to get by with my daily life. Good news is, things are better lately and I haven't had to get any of those performed in a few weeks. Most likely because I started taking Prescript-Assist and Therabiotic probiotics.

All my other tests were normal....which included too many to mention... but there were double digit stool sample tests... Except my LabCorp IBD panel.
Here's the results...
g-ASCA 9
AMCA 121 (High)

atypical pANCA

Suggestive of Crohn's Disease. Pattern is not conclusive for disease behavior risk stratification.

Can someone help explain AMCA and what this might mean? Or point me in the right direction.... The little bit of reading suggests fungal or yeast overgrowth in large intestine? correct? Is it possible to have this overgrowth in small intestine too?

I know the hydro-colonics and coffee enemas were bad ideas as many times as I did them... but i really didn't have a choice. I have a feeling they caused dsybiosis in my gut bacteria.... i'm still waiting on 1 lab result that might have some insight to this....

I have a Doc appt on Oct 7th with an integrative physician... he's the one who ordered all the testing....

Crohn's Disease Forum » Tests for IBD » Help me get started with IBD test results
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