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Patency capsule

Hi everyone,

I'm under investigation for Crohn's at the moment. I just had the patency capsule ahead of my camera capsule 'PillCam' next week. My query is - it passed through fine, so does this mean I don't have Crohn's? Or can you still have it even if the patency got through fine?

One other query in case anyone has experience! I had a colonoscopy 4 weeks ago and still haven't had the results of the biopsies. Every time I call, the consultant's secretary says he will ring me, but he never does! I'm not having a follow-up with him as I've been transferred to a new hospital. But the new hospital says I have to get my results from the old one. I'm thinking of asking for a follow-up with the old hospital just as a way to get the results. How long does it normally take to hear back?

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That capsule going through okay just means the don't have a small narrowing in your digestive system. The check in case you do have a narrowing they don't want the real pillcam getting stuck.

No idea on how long it should take but if you are switching docs you should be able to just call the old ones assistance and ask for your records to be transferred and that should include the recent results.
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Welcome to the forum. I keep a copy of all test that are done to my kids. Usually I get them from the lab, for blood tests. Pictures and biopsies from the hospital it was done, either the colo/endo department or medical records. They may charge you for copies. I like to see them before we go for a follow up, in case I have questions. Go to the Doctor's office in person and request a copy of results. I guess the time depends on the Pathologist, for us is less than 1 week. I hope this helps.
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Thank you both! I called the office today and she promised to get me the results tomorrow. Or at least get the doctor to look at them. Fingers crossed! having said that, I have had the same conversation several times with someone else in their office so I'm cynical!

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