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C-Section V Vaginal Delivery

Hi All,

I am wanting to gain advice on a tricky situation I feel I am in. I am currently pregnant with my first child and have been told over the years, that when I did become pregnant, due to past peri-anal disease and scar tissue, I would be required to have a C-Section.

However, on meeting with my consultant yesterday, he feels a vaginal birth would be safest as I have also had a right hemi-colectomy and he said he does not know the situation of my insides, should he open me up. Adhesions etc.

He said research states non active peri anal disease is less likely to cause problems and I have not had an operation for 9 years.

I am however petrified of ripping open my scar tissue/sphincter with the risk of being incontinent.

I have contacted my surgeon, however I am yet to receive a response. Any advice would be greatly appreciated on this.
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It sounds like a vaginal delivery would be best for you (though obviously talk to your surgeon).

I have had two children both born by C Section (I tend to have big babies. 10.10 was the first!) After my second was born I was told I couldn't have any more as my lining was "paper thin" and a C Section would cause a rupture.


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