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Aza success rates

Hi All,

I am interested to hear how successful everyone has been with aza.

Initially started at 175mg back in April which my body did not appreciate (high liver enzymes). In June/July I swapped to 50mg aza and 100mg allopurinol. Even after that change, most recent test suggest abnormal liver enzymes. Now am on 25mg aza and 100mg allopurinol.

In six months I haven't really seen any improvement in symptoms. Still have the pain and frequency plus I am more exhausted than ever before! I do wonder what others have experienced on Aza? The GI is now suggesting a biologic but is also suspicious that my Crohns has caused IBS.

Would love to hear the experience of others

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I've been fortunate and have had a lot of success with aza, having maintained 3 years of remission after an initial course of prednisone to induce the remission.

Aza certainly doesn't work for everyone, and a rough breakdown of its effectiveness for people who try it would be about 1/3 of people have a lot of success on it, 1/3 partial success, and 1/3 no success (or intolerable side effects). Biologics have a better record, with the corresponding success rates being roughly 1/2, 1/4, 1/4 .

The healthcare systems in many countries try aza (or its sister drug 6-MP) before going to the more successful biologics because the biologics are about 100 times more expensive. Most people who are going to respond to aza/6-MP do so by 3 or 4 months, so at 6 months you have given it plenty of time to work.

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