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Crohns and diabetics

Hi Everyone,

I was just told by my dr that I need to watch my sugar intake, blood tests showed that it's getting high. So, I am asking for any advice anyone has, what kinds of foods are you eating that are good for both diseases? Also, do you eat brown rice? Do you notice any difference using white rice vs brown rice?

Thanks in advance!
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- B12 shots monthly
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well-known to help for diabetics. Also onions are good prebiotics encouraged for colonic health (IBD-AID diet). Favor red over other colors of onions.

Favor organic cinnamon to make sure you get the real deal.
cinnamon powder is pretty easy to sparkle on anything, salads, rice, apples, etc
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I've recently, in the last few weeks, been diagnosed with steroid induced diabetes and am now taking two kinds of tablets to try and control my blood sugars...gliclozide and metformin. I'm hoping things will improve once I'm off the steroids completely but am not holding my breath. I'm also waiting for a referral to a dietician, although I'm pretty clued up about food I really think some professional input would be very helpful.
In the meantime the things I'm doing are cutting out cakes and biscuits altogether, I've substituted sugar in coffee for sweetener, and only drink sugar free/diet drinks.
We've always eaten brown rice, wholemeal pasta and bread, lots of veggies and fruit, so that's pretty much the same. I only eat white rice, pasta and bread during a flare. When I'm not flaring I can eat pretty much anything without it causing me a problem, I know that's not the same for everyone though.
You need to watch your general carbohydrate intake, don't eat anything with refined sugar in it, and stay away from fresh fruit juices, they contain huge amounts of natural sugar, its really surprising!
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I'm borderline,so am not on any meds.I have stopped fresh fruit juices,I used to have it daily,don't eat cakes or pies or biscuits (cookies). but I do have limited chocolate treats.
I have weight watchers bread toasted.I'm not keen on veg.except in soup. I've had my gall bladder out,so I'm very careful with fat and grease.It's a problem sometimes, but the days when I could eat without thinking are long gone.

I do have a high nutrition powder mixed with 0% fat milk,daily.I add chia seeds to it.

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