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I have a colonoscopy tomorrow, I've taken 2 packages of picolax and still nothing, it's been well over 6 hours and still haven''t used the loo. So I'm just wondering how long did it take Picolax to kick in for you? Thanks.
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Hi ColossalBD, I had something similar happen with the US version of Picolax (it's called Prepopik but my understanding is that it's the exact same thing - not sure why it has different names in different countries!). I drank both cups at the appointed times and I went to the bathroom a few times, but I definitely wasn't cleaned out nearly well enough. So that evening I freaked out and took about 10 Dulcolax to get things moving more. I'm not sure if it was the Prepopik or the Dulcolax or a combination of both, but whatever it was, it finally kicked in fully right as I got to the GI clinic on the morning of my scope. I was running to the bathroom a bunch of times as I was getting hooked up to the IV and monitors - I kept having to unplug everything, grab my IV bag and run for the bathroom! Not a fun time. But in the end, that last minute laxative effect kicking in got me cleaned out enough for a successful colonoscopy.

I realize that isn't super helpful as I don't know for sure if it was the Prepopik or the Dulcolax or both! And it was very last-minute, whatever it was, when it did kick in. I wasn't instructed by my doctor to take extra laxatives, I did that on my own and I'm not sure how dangerous it was to take 10 Dulcolax at a time, so I don't necessarily recommend going that route. All I can recommend is, if you can get ahold of your doctor or clinic this evening, that might be your best bet. There is hopefully an after-hours on-call doctor who can advise you. Good luck!

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