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Capsule endoscopy

i have a long history of abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and bleeding. I've had several endoscopys, colonoscopys, and sigmoidoscopys, all were normal. However I've recently had a capsule endoscopy which revealed inflammation and slight ulceration in my ileum. Which they r thinking is possible crohns. I've not had a chat with my consultant but I had a call from the hospital today saying he has scheduled me in for a colonoscopy. I'm going to ring on Monday to hopefully speak with him.
I was just wondering if anyone knows why I would be given another colonoscopy if all the others were normal and it only looks at the colon and not the ileum? Also was anyone else diagnosed with crohns by capsule endoscopy?
I've been put on azathioprine for my vasculitis and apparently they use this to treat crohns too but can take a few months to work, I'm worried it will mask the visible problems with the inflammation, what do u guys think?
At the moment I'm having abdominal pain, diarrhea and massive amounts of mucus. Does anybody else suffer with this?
Sorry for all the questions, just a bit confused!
Thank you
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I was diagnosed as having Crohn's mostly on the basis of a few aphthous ulcers seen by capsule endoscopy. Regular endoscopy was clear. Except for some abdominal pain my symptoms are pretty mild.

I think you are being given another regular endoscopy to get a more thorough look at the several centimeters of the ileum that some IBD specialists can view via regular endoscopy. IBD specialists are often more skilled than regular GIs at getting the endoscope into the ileum.

I'm guessing that last time you were given a "standard" endoscopy, but now because of your capsule endoscopy results they are going to give that ileum a hard look.

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