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Miss Marie
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Imodium...good or bad?

hey everyone
so i had a major flare up on the weekend from stress and turkey I think? I heard turkey was really gassy, anybody else have issues?
So by Wednesday when I was still in a lot of pain and having bathroom problems, I took 2 imodiums ( i absolutely had to ) I felt better right away.
But I haven't "gone" since then!!!
Im so bloated I look 4 months pregnant, and I just don't feel like I have to go/ Im pretty freaked out about it, and i'm thinking I should take a laxative or something because I'm still eating its just not coming out....u know??
It can't be good!

any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated

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Hi Miss Marie, yes, Turkey is a no no, and if you had gravy even worse. The combo from Gas and fats getting trapped and then you take an imodium they all stay and form a nice brew in there, and it hurts like hell sometimes. Once in a while if I cant expell the gas, no matter what I take a glycerin suppository and cleans out the gas almost immediately, having said that doing both too often makes your bowels lazy so if the diahreah is constant ask your doctor for Cholestyramine , you can do your own dosage. Imodium is ok but one is usally often enough. Hope this helps! Take care. Heating pads help too.
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Miss Marie
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Thanks Jettalady,
ill keep that in mind and talk to my doctor about getting a prescription.
I don't want to run into this problem again, yikes!

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My GI said to NEVER take Imodium as it can cause more harm than good and is only okay for normal bowels not inflammed ones like ours - so I never take it and the one time I did before he told me not to I was in the same boat you described - so backed up it was painful -
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I was told no Imodium as well. If you are going to take a laxative to fix it though, take a gentle one like Miralax.
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I can pop 'em like PEZ candy for all the good they do. The Gastro told me to take Imodium and Metamucil initially. Didn't work.
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I just left the GI doc. He told me to take as many Imodium as needed throughout the day, ie:traveling, etc. He said there is no adverse reaction to using it.
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I take 2 Immodium every day. The doctor said if it helps, it's not a problem. Sometimes it helps, and sometimes it doesn't. Such is life.
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I was told NOT to take immodium unless absolutely necessary. I never took it. I used Cholestyramine which bloated me and caused me not to go to the toilet for three days (opposite to 10 to 15 times a day). I am afraid now to mess with medication for diarrea anymore.
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Hey I was told never to take immodium or pepto...same as what CrohnieCarolyn said...only for normal bowels and us crohnnies don't have that
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While I haven't yet had my IBS diagnosis changed to CD I am expecting it... won't be giving up lopermide though!

I only take them when I absolutely have to, don't get constiapted from them, and it's not something I can live without.

I have heard it is okay as long as you use sparingly and only when really neccessary. For example if I have an attack at home I don't take them, only when i'm out or needing to go out.

I think the risks with out of control D aren't thought of as much as they should be, if the lopermide can stop me becoming dehydrated or help keep food in to get goodness from it then I will. The lesser of 2 evils if you like!
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Hoping to stop anaemia treatment soon & lower B12 daily dose!
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Regular Imodium doesn't do much of anything for me. My GI prescribed Lomotil which is apparently like prescription-strength Imodium. When I take it combined with my other meds though (specifically Amitriptyline), it tends to constipate me, so I always pop a couple of stool softeners when I take it. That seems to work pretty well for me. I'm not diagnosed yet so I wasn't given any specific "don't take this" instructions, although I do avoid NSAIDs just in case.

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