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8 weeks between infusions too long?

I've had my 3 loading doses and it was obvious that Remicade works amazingly well for me; but after my 3rd loading dose, I started having symptoms reappear after only about 4-5 weeks, getting worse and worse. I don't want to wait 8 weeks between infusions if this is what it will always be like, but maybe Remicade is somewhat cumulative and it just hasn't "set in" for me yet? Otherwise, how easy is it to get infusions closer together? What steps would I have to take to do that?
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Eight weeks is standard interval after loading doses. 5mg/kg is standard dose. You can talk to your GI about getting IFX level checked to see what your "trough" (low point) levels are and try to approach any adjustments more methodically. A few studies show trough levels between 7-12 is ideal for maintaining remission.
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I had a flare about two weeks before my 5th remicade treatment my dr just did a blood test to check the levels I was just diagnosed in August it might take a while for everything run smoothly I keep dr via email/phon adviced of everything.
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Hi here in the Uk 6months seems to be the 'trial'period for treatment to work or not work, before they look at changing things. Although that can vary depending on how bad things are . I was on infliximab(remicade) for 12 mths ish to no avail they doubled up my dose for 2mths but was still in a bad way . I went for surgical option.No other choice really. Had a tempory ileostomy for 11mths n had it reversed 11mths ago. Iv been great since 1st op. Hope you get things under control without needing surgical intervention . Speak up for your self tho dont suffer in silence. I did n it didnt help me. Now i shout from the roof tops if i want/need help. Best wishes. 💕
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I have been on Remicade since May- we just moved it to every 6 weeks other than that my Dr wants to give it a full year before we change anything. We had talked about adding a second drug, now he wants to wait. Very aggravating.

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