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High Amount of Dietary Fiber Favorable for Crohn Disease

''High Amount of Dietary Fiber Not Harmful But Favorable for Crohn Disease'':


Current chronic diseases are a reflection of the westernized diet that features a decreased consumption of dietary fiber. Indigestible dietary fiber is metabolized by gut bacteria, including Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, to butyrate, which has a critical role in colonic homeostasis owing to a variety of functions. Dietary fiber intake has been significantly inversely associated with the risk of chronic diseases. Crohn disease (CD) is not an exception. However, even authors who reported the inverse association between dietary fiber and a risk of CD made no recommendation of dietary fiber intake to CD patients. Some correspondence was against advocating high fiber intake in CD.

We initiated a semivegetarian diet (SVD), namely a lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet, for patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Our SVD contains 32.4 g of dietary fiber in 2000 kcal. There was no untoward effect of the SVD. The remission rate with combined infliximab and SVD for newly diagnosed CD patients was 100%. Maintenance of remission on SVD without scheduled maintenance therapy with biologic drugs was 92% at 2 years. These excellent short- and long-term results can be explained partly by SVD. The fecal bacterial count of F prausnitzii in patients with CD is significantly lower than in healthy controls. Diet reviews recommend plant-based diets to treat and to prevent a variety of chronic diseases. SVD belongs to plant-based diets that inevitably contain considerable amounts of dietary fiber. Our clinical experience and available data provide a rationale to recommend a high fiber intake to treat CD.
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Interesting read. Thank you for sharing.
For the longest time, I thought I could not eat vegetables. But over the years I have worked my way into the Paleo diet, eating mostly vegetables. As long as they are cooked and peeled I seem to do well on this diet.
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Interesting article, thank you for posting. I always thought it was strange that doctors would recommend Crohn's patients NOT eat fiber, given all the gut flora benefits.
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thank you for sharing. Eating a SVD helps me to.

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