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False Negative for Opiates

I have been using Fentanyl and Norco for chronic pain due to severe Crohn's disease for many years. I started using Entyvio the beginning of July. The Pain clinic where I get my meds regularly screens me for opiates, to make sure that I am using what they are prescribing. The last couple of urine tests have come up negative for opiates, which is weird, because I am certainly still using them although I have been able to cut down toabout half the dosage since starting the Entyvio. Has anyone heard of the Entyvio somehow causing a False Negative for Opiates in the Urine?
The pain clinic doesn't want to write prescriptions for me any more because of the results of the urine tests (false negatives) and they are even suggesting that since I'm obviously not using the pain meds I must be selling them!
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Not right.
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Wow, thats crazy. I have no info, but depending on the dr. the whole pain management thing can be very demoralizing as well as humiliating for this and other reasons similar. It really feels like alot of PM facilities, dr, and pharmacists are clueless to how bad this disease can really be. I wish i had some info for you, but I would look into it more if you can. For reasons like this I try to have an advocate of some kind both join me in my dr appointments and be part of my pain management at home. Im 36 and have my mom come with me and hold my meds.... cuz drs dont know how to create trustworthy relationships. Imo at least.good luck keep us posted. By the way, did you show them the fentanyl patch? That alone should at least be showing a pos test and at least they can visually see the patch?

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I think the reason why they dont want to prescribe the meds anymore could be that they fear some patients are not using the prescription for themselves and sell the drugs on the black market! This is a reality that is well-known, black market for pain killers and brain stimulants for instance, such as Ritalin. This is why they do the screening. This is very responsible of them, but no science is 100% right, and you seem to pay the price here. You could try to have a discussion with your medical team and your pharmacist together and find a way or procedure for you the use your medication that everyone is happy and confident. Its unfortunate but last resort, if no better arrangements is found, could be for instance, going to consume the medication at the pharmacy in front of the pharmacist. Pharmacists offer this service.
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Would they be able to do bloodwork before cutting you off at least? I hate that doctors won't give us the benefit of the doubt and immediately think they are being sold
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Yes the first thing I did when they told me that the urine test was negative for opiates was to show them the Fentanyl patches on my back, and say how do you explain this?

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