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Bev G
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Gluten free/huge weight loss

Hi everyone, I have had Crohns for 42 years and 7 bowels resections. I began a gluten/wheat/dairy free diet in January of this year. I feel so much better. I have no bloating at all. My question is has anyone had tremendous weight loss from this diet. I have lost 35 pounds since March and am continuing to loose weight every week. Has anyone else experienced this? I weighed 171 and I am now 136. I haven't been 136 since high school and my 40th reunion is this summer. Happy about the weight loss but a little scared. I feel great.

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Lady Organic
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Hi, I am glad you are feeling better on elimination diet. It takes time to adapt to a new diet and create new recipes.

you may ask a nutritionist or your doctor if your weight is ideal or not. They can take measures for you of your Body Mass Index (BMI). or a calculator is here:


if underweight, try nut butters, such as almond butter. Full of good fats. I eat a lot of it. Try it heavily spread on a banana and small fruits such as blueberries. I eat that every day and it helped gain a few pounds.

I went from underweight to normal weight (18,7!!!) with almond butter
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I lost quite a bit of weight when I went Paleo. But, I think it to me yo a good healthy weight.
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I have been gluten free for the last four or five years. I think I could stand to lose some weight but my wife thinks the opposite.

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my little penguin
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It's all about calories and absorption
DS has been gluten dairy fillers packaged food etc free since April
He has gained 11-12 lbs
Granted he is also on formula and 11 so weight gain is critical
If your taking in the right type and amount of calories you won't lose weight
If you have inflammation you will require more calories
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