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New to Remicade

Need some advice. My son had his first Remicade infusion Wednesday & is feeling fine.

Should I be worried about him getting sick more now?😷 Try to keep him away from anyone ill? He is going hunting tomorrow with my brother & I'm worried about him catching a cold out there bc it's supposed to be 32 degrees tomorrow.❄️💧

Also, any good OTC meds that you guys keep on hand that help if they start to get sick?

Maybe I'm just being over protective but I'm new to all of this
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We have a parents group
Even parents to adult kid btw hang out there since your always a parent

As far as remicade
No more susceptible to general illness then anyone else
Only things that are opportunistic infections are such as pneumonia tagging along with the flu
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I can only speak to my own experiences. I've been on Remicade for over a decade, and I work in healthcare, I've noticed no difference in my frequencies of getting sick.
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I've been on it for a year. It's the first medication that has ever worked this well for this long.

I also take imuran and expected to catch every little thing going around, but it hasn't happened.
My infusion time is so relaxing now I usually sleep.

Sending you both my support.
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Both my girls have been on biologics for years (through middle school and high school and now college for the older one!). They don't get sick more often at all - in fact, they get sick very rarely.

We do encourage them to wash their hands more and avoid sick friends but really, I doubt they do that!

I second what MLP said - many parents in the parents section have older kids - mine are 18 and 22 - and still hang out there a lot!
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