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Crohns, body issues, self-harm

Hello all.

Been thinking about how I've dealt with my Crohn's recently. Diagnosed at 17, been reasonably healthy (well, you know, reasonably compared to some people) with it until recently.
I think that I've developed some body issues and slightly alarming behaviour as a result of being on meds. I remember as a teenager and young adult, faking taking my medication because I didn't want to gain weight. That was incredibly stupid obviously and I ended up in hospital.
Even now, 14 years later, I find myself dealing with changes in my body very difficult. To the extent that I have concealed symptoms from my doctor. Sometimes the mental stuff feels worse than the physical.
I guess this is small fry compared to people having multiple surgeries, but I wondered if anyone had similar feelings?

Thanks for listening,

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Be honest with your doctors and please take your medication. We all have self esteem and body issues, this includes models, bodybuilders i mean everyone. A little wieght gain is a whole lot better then the problems that can arise from concealing symptoms and failure to taking our meds and staying healthy. Try finding someone your comfertable talking to and let them know your struggles.
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Hi and welcome.

This disease can be extremely difficult both physically and mentally.

Please talk to your doctor. Help is available for both the physical and psychological challenges.

Sending you my support.
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