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Is is weird looking forward to Colonoscopy

I have a colonoscopy soon. Is it weird that I am happy to have the prep before the dreaded dead?

The reason is that yes its unpleasant but the plus points for me are -

1.It clears you out and gives your bowel a wee rest is induced D and not because you are actually ill and 3. I get to lie in bed in between toilet stops and have someone else doing things for me all day. Oh and 4. I can do a charity fast for 24hrs and collect money for Chrons research. Im serious i did that last time.

Reading it back - its confirmed I am weird!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hehe I have thought that too actually because it helps clear you out, yes dehydration but much less pain!! At least for a little while
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yeah, your a little weird, but you fit right in with the rest of us.(It takes one to know one) Good luck with the Colonoscopy.
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I like it too! I thought I was the only one! First, it makes me feel like something is actually getting done (even if nothing changes after), second, it is one time when I feel like my family really has some concept of how hard this disease is (hope I don't sound like a cry baby) and third, I really like being put out and taken care of. It is the one time a year when I know that I will not have any pain. Hopefully that doesn't make me sound like a drug addict. My current Dr. wont let me take any pain meds unless I am going in for a colonoscopy or a procedure, not because she doesn't believe that I am in major pain, but because she says that I am too young. I am 26! I really do HATE doing the prep though.
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Good on you for turning a Prep into a reason for collecting money for a good cause.
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I have to say that I think you're insane. But if you can be positive about a colonoscopy then the world is your oyster.
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Kuwabara said:
I have to say that I think you're insane. But if you can be positive about a colonoscopy then the world is your oyster.

Ditto, I have had many over the years and now I can say I dont hate them but I never look forward to it.
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I completly agree with you I am due to go for my first ever colonoscopy on the 4th of November and I am really looking forward to it! I not looking forward to drinking the prep, and am hoping it wont make me vomit!

Like I am kinda looking forward to the prep, as you say its self induced D and not when your body decides it need to empty now and wherever you are! I will be in my own bathroom with all my things around and in between will be lying in bed hopefully!

Also for me, I am hoping that it will finally give me the answers to why I have been living with flare ups of D and some bleeding most of my life! I was rushed into hospital earlier in the year with constant D agonising pain in my lower right side and the opened me up and operated , they took my appendix out but said that I had a cyst on my bowel and my bowel showed signs of IBD. My appendix was fine! I have continued to have flare ups since June and the pain in my right side is constant! I have had a small bowel follow through, with went through so so quick I had not even had all my Xrays! The doctor I saw wants me to have a Colonoscopy as he suspects Chrones due to my sympton and weight loss, so I am hoping it will finally give me some answers!
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Thats not good. The Colonsocopy will be fine and I hope you manage to get a firm diagnosis and correct treatment. You never know we may be in on the same day as Im waiting for my appointment. It certainly sounds like Crohns.
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I am scheduled for my second colonoscopy in January. I look forward to it, too.

I do like the cleaning out, the fresh start. I like being able to rest, allowing myself to take it easy, take a few days off of work. I have a really hard time taking it easy day to day.

It's the only time, for me too, that I am not in pain.

Also, I really want to see my progress.
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Scopes have become second nature to me. I have averaged 1.25 scopes a year for the last 23 yrs. This includes both endos and colon. Seems like every time I see the GI i get sent for one or the other. Don't like the Go-lite, to much to drink. I prefer to take the Magnisium citrate. Don't care for enimas but I will do whatever it takes to get answers so I guess I do what ever the GI says.

Has anyone else ever woke up in the middle of the procedure. I did one time. Oh the discomfort.
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God I tighten up at the thought of a colonoscopy... was diagnosed in feb 09 and have had 3 since then, all requiring hospital stays (currently in the hospital right now starting a remicade treatment and trying to get my condition under control)... the drink they give you to induce D is sweet, have definately tasted worse medications but definately enjoy the cleansing feeling... hoping that I become more comfortable with the colonoscopies as it sounds like they are going to be a permanent part in my future...
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I think I would be happy if my GI suggested another one. Just for the fact that everything could be cleared out. So no, I don't think you are weird.
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haha it is weird, though you raised a couple of good points... i sort of appreciate the fact that my intestines are getting a bit of a break and a cleanse... but overall, i hate it.

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