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I don't know where you can find this free, but my daughter thought Fed Up was very interesting. She was truly horrified to learn how much sugar is in our foods.

That said, even after watching that and being shocked by it, sugar intake hasn't really decreased much.
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Just found a free app called Healthy Recipes Magazine. All issues are free! I've only read one issue so far, but I liked it!
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Your public library is a great resource for videos and books.

Clean Eating magazine has lots of great recipes. I think you will be surprised to see that clean eating is not that much different than what you are already eating and it is very tasty. It is just a tad more labor intensive and unfortunately that will definitely all fall on you.

Alejando Junger M.D. wrote a great book, Clean. You can probably find it in your library and in the same section many, many other books and cookbooks for clean eating.

We started our clean transformation with Forks Over Knives. It is focused on vegan eating and we didn't go vegan at that time but it definitely helped us move in the right direction.

The Gracious Pantry is a website that is a good resource for recipes.

Here is a favorite at our house:


Good luck and keep us posted!
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Good luck
We do fresh foods and make everything from scratch
Then it controls the extra stuff you don't want in your food
Soups and veggie muffins are easy things fix ahead for grabbing healthy snacks
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Look up whole30.com for recipes. There is a lot of clean eating. We did a whole 30 last year. I don't recommend it cold turkey. I am leaning towards cleaner eating, and I've started with cutting back sugar and complaining (okay, the second isn't food-related, just my attempt at my own attitude adjustment). I think I will follow your steps and have us eat down the junk in our cupboards, then work at only buying clean foods. I won't go nondairy, but will go organic dairy and eggs as much as possible. I find it very hard to eat the recommended amounts of veggies, but will start cognitively eating more... Let's encourage each other here. How's it going for you? Do you have Amazon Prime?
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Sounds good to me, Carol!

We're keeping dairy. My boys love cheese, milk, and yogurt too much. Costco has organic options that I've been buying awhile now and we all like, so that's not going to change much. I think in that area the best we can do is switch to better and organic brands.

We did a local farm share last summer that forced us to try new veggies and recipes. It was way too much food for us, mostly because I didn't know what to do with half the stuff (or sometimes what it even was - kohlrabi!), I just signed up again for this summer.

I'm slowly getting buy in from DS #2. He's the athlete and saw the effects of too much sugar (holiday treats) during his basketball practices this last week. He actually asked for sugar snap peas in his lunch today. Whoa!

We do have Amazon Prime and I get a lot of DS' gluten free bulk food using it. I checked for the videos that were suggested, but only found one.

I'll check out whole30 today. Thanks!
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Sending in easy recipes that work for our whole family. Let me know if they work for you and if you want more detail!

Roast chicken with smoked, Spanish paprika, oregano and lemon juice; quinoa salad; baby greens.

Cover chicken with smoked paprika (spending a little more on spice, but goes a long, long way and adds tons of flavor), oregano, and fresh lemon juice. Roast at 425 F for about 60-75 minutes.

Precook quinoa and add diced zucchini, red onion, carrot, celery, parsely, whatever you have. Whip up a quick dressing with fresh orange juice, a mild vinegar, and olive oil. Add some thyme if you like. You can always do this in advance and serve the next day or make double and have a fast lunch the day after you serve.

Baby greens, spinach, any kind of green - werve with vinegar and oil.

Beef stew with carrots, tomatoes, onions, bay leaves, and cloves (throw into the crock pot).

2 lbs beef, 4 carrots, large can diced tomatoes, a couple of bay leaves, one chopped onion, 2-3 stalks of celery, chopped; salt, pepper, a pinch of cloves (really small). Dump in crockpot before breakfast and cook all day (8-10 hours on low).

Turkey burgers with oven baked sweet potato fries (to save time, bake the sweet potatoes instead).

Shape the patties and cook in oven at about 375 F or on stovetop over medium heat.

Cut sweet potatoes into fries, toss in coconut oil (add as a lump and then take everything else out and toss after it melts about a minute in the oven).
Cook at 400 45-60 minutes.

Serve with fresh cucumbers and whatever else you have around.

Quick omelet with crumbled goat cheese, black olives, and sage.
Just make a basic omelet. Leave out the cows milk. It doesn't take much goat cheese for a good punch of flavor. Adjust ingredients to taste and budget. I generally spend more on condiments and stretch them.

Lentil soup with gluten-free, sugar-free Italian chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s.

1 lb. lentils
6-8 cups water
1/2 c. diced tomatoes
1 chopped onion
2 stalks celery, chopped
2 bay leaves
1 t. oregano
salt and pepper to taste

cook until everything is tender but not mushy. Throw in
1 c. leftover brown rice
fresh or frozen spinach
and pre-cooked, sliced sausage.

cook a few more minutes, and serve (good with goat's milk or any kind of yoghurt on top!).

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Here's my best option for non-fake, health-supporting pizza and cake (I had just put this on another thread and remembered your post about pizza and pasta!):

We have a favorite Crohn's friendly carrot cake we make for special occasions, and when I make it and serve along with regular bakery-style cake, it is more popular than the bakery cake. Here's a link to it in Elena's Pantry https://elanaspantry.com/carrot-cake/. I have actually refined it and added some ingredients (pineapple, arrowroot, different oil, etc.), but the original is great too. We skip the frosting and serve plain or with cashew cream. It makes a great breakfast the next morning too.

If you have your heart set on pizza, Sami's bakery is the best way I know to go - crust made of millet, flax, and rice. Great texture! Top with homemade marinara and goat cheese (or whatever dairy your guys can tolerate). You can see the crusts from Sami's here: https://samisbakery.com/product/mill...x-pizza-crust/

Hope this helps (at least for special occasions)!

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