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Not sure what to do

Hi everyone, just looking for advice. I came off all my meds around May this year to TTC and I'm now 10 weeks pregnant, but I have been flaring again recently. My IBD nurse put me on a 6 week course of Prednisone which isnt easing the bleeding at all. (I've now been on it for more than 2 weeks) I'm just constantly leaking whenever I go to the toilet :\

They have mentioned they would like me to go on a biological treatment again after Xmas if I'm not better, but I dont know how to feel about this. As much as I would like to get the bleeding under control, I dont feel safe about any treatments as I have a history of miscarriages and also have taken reactions to biological treatment in the past (Infliximab caused Pustular Psoriasis and Humira caused guttae Psoriasis all over my body)

Any suggestions/experience?
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I would ask for Enteral liquid diets or look for IBD-AID diet in my signature below. You may have a few weeks to try these until after xmas to see if you can benefit from these. good luck. Active disease during a pregnancy is really a scenario feared by doctors, I personally would not risk it.
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I'm sorry you're flaring while pregnant... I think you need to get your disease under control as you and baby could be in more troubles if you have active disease during your pregnancy. You need the drugs, and they will be less harmful than an active disease. I am 14 weeks and currently on remicade. I got off my meds before my first pregnant and holy moly did I flare after the delivery. It wasn't pretty... You should definitely go back on the Aza and Pentasa in the meantime, while waiting for another biologic...
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EEN ( formula only no food is as effective as steriods in kids at least )
Might be a good addition to meds to help calm things down
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Hope can get things under control quickly
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