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Alternatives to Barium. Help!

Hi all,

Well I went for a MRE today and ended up not being able to do the test because I could not stop gagging trying to get the barium down. Sometimes you just know when your body can't handle something, and I know I can't handle that. Anyone know of any alternatives to the barium? If so, what hospitals or imaging centers offer these alternatives?

Thanks so much!
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Sorry you had problems with the barium. It can be tough.
I'd ask if there is a different test that can be done that doesn't require barium.

Best wishes.
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Did they offer intro of the barium by ng tube? My son asks for ng tube sometimes. He requests the infant size 6fr and slips it in before arriving for barium intake.

Also you can ask the dept if they have other things available or other methods they often do for those that are allergic and such.
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The only way my son got through it was someone suggested he sniff alcoholic pads while drinking it. It stopped the gagging reflex. That is the only way he was able to get it down.

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When I drink it, I use a straw and I cover the top of the container with my hand, so i can't really smell it. I make myself take 20 sips from the straw, all the time telling lying myself "This is a tropical yummy smoothie" haha. I helps me get it down. Also, if you are a smaller person, you don't actually have to swallow 2 bottles. I'm 115 pounds and 1.25-1.5 bottles does the trick.
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Ugh I had the same issue with the contrast for my MRE. I was suppose to get through 4 glasses (2L) in an hour. I got through a little short of 2 glasses. After debate with the tech, radiologist and the doctor said they said try and drink some more but if you can't switch to water so I did another 2 glasses of water. It worked out, not as well as it may have if I drank the whole thing but there was no way I could drink more without throwing up. Maybe an anti-nausea med would help?
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