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Stool Issues (Nice Title)

I was diagnosed with crohns in Jan 09, also had a colonoscopy in Jan 09 as well. Lately, last couple of months my stool comes out in short flat pieces. I only go on time per day and I am never constipated or have diarheara (spelling). I don't have any pain anywhere, the only thing I do have is pressure on my bladder on occasion but that seems to come and go. I was just wondering if anyone else had this issue. Could this be my stool is not formed completely before coming out or could this be some blockage possibly or infammation somewhere. I just had a colonoscopy 9 months ago and I don't know if things can change that quickly in your colon. Thanks for any replies.
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Funny, I was diagnosed in January, and had a colonoscopy then, too! I have strange, thin stools. I never asked about it, but there is some narrowing in my intestines, in the terminal ileum, so I just assumed that was the reason. Also, I pretty much go only once a day, as well. The problem never really concerned me because I was just so happy that I wasn't going 12 times day anymore, and had no more diarrhea.

I don't really know the cause for this, or if anything could change it. I just wanted to say, "me too."
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