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Massive bruise developed on calf .... worried

Had Crohns 15 years, in remission last few years. Low b12 of late but developed nagging leg pain a few weeks ago and horrified this morning to see a dark bruise covering almost all the back of my calf!
See gp or just one of those things?
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Hi i say see gp. Better safe than sorry . Best wishes
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If you didn't knock your calf to get that bruise I would definitely see the gp!

I bruise easily and often forget when or how I got a particular bruise but half your calf you'd remember so I'd get it checked out.
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I agree with everyone above. Let us know what he says.
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It could be a burst blood vessel..I'd get it checked, don't want to end up with a blood clot....

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Crohn's Disease Forum » Extra Intestinal Manifestations » Massive bruise developed on calf .... worried
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