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Does anyone suffer more from eating rare beef?

My girlfriend loves it but it doesnt love her.

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Yeah a bit.

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I'm a medium-well kind of steak eater. Ground beef (definitely) completely cooked is the only beef that doesn't mess with my gut.
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Beef can be hard for even healthy people to digest... and, if the stock from which the beef originated had johnes disease.. well, the jury is still out on that whole issue. But there are plenty of other confirmed nasties one can get from undercooked beef that makes it a poor choice whether you are ill or not. Only thing of it is.. I'm not a vegan, but I loved my veggies, but now my diet is pretty restricted when it comes to vegetables, and I recently had me a very severe case of low iron. I took iron supplements, but I also forced fed myself more beef. Whether one or the other, or a combo of both, I improved.

Guess it's like everything else in life.. in moderation, and properly prepared.

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Beef was one of the first things that I had to give up completely with Crohns.
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Ahh thats such a shame. Shes not one for giving up things she likes. You could say have it well cooked but she doesnt like it that way.

Shes just been told she has a wheat intollerance too which corresponds to a few comments of people on here.

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Hi there,
Oh man beef flattens me !!................unless minced really well i mught add, cannot be even a course mincing.

Good luck with everything

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I still can eat beef without any problem.
I love rare T-Bones.
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I eat my beef med rare and it doesn't bother me, But then again maybe the anemic side of me likes the rareness of the meat. I can eat almost everything when not in a flare except lettuce it hates me......when in a flare I really have to watch my fiber intake.
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Peaches said:
I haven't tried that - I like my meat COOKED and not moo-ing :O)
Sorry Peaches, but when I saw your post, I thought of this. Listen all the way to the very last line--this is definitely R-rated language, so don't do it at work.

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