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cleansing and alcohol

Hi guys for the past 2 weeks or so i have been experincing gas, bloating and just tenderness and sometimes pain in my belly....Not sure what it could be from as im still on a low fibre diet and havent changed my diet at all. Could it be a thing from tapering of the pred.....I was thinking of doing some type of 2 day cleanse and just sticking to fluids or something to try and flush it outta my system.

Any thoughts and advice would be muchly appreciaited. Also i have a wedding this weekend coming up. i havenet touched a drop of alcohol for six weeks since my first big flare up (which was a few beers mind u). any tips for what i should try or should i now just steer clear of alcohol.

thanks again
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It's probably best not to drink I'd say. I understand one can feel like one HAS to at celebrations, but honestly, you will be the only one who notices you aren't. Just sit back and enjoy everyone else getting drunk and making idiots of themselves! You can still have fun without the booze and will feel better for it if things are getting a bit dodgy in the gut department.
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I agree with Shaz on no alcohol intake for the wedding just because my first time drinking after weeks of no alcohol and hardly any food - I fell asleep after the 2nd drink and wouldnt wake up - I was a lump on my friends couch for HOURS. So embarrassing but luckily she was understanding
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