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What about NIGHSHADES fruits and veggies?

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, Italian recipes, mmmmmm , no more; I have cut these from my diet for a good year now. Im not sure if this is worth it. I have heard several people saying nightshades could be problematic. BUt I havent found nothing convincing yet in scientific research.. any thoughts about nightshades such as Tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplants???

I dont plan on reintroducing them or playing with my diet for now since I recently had to cut down on my medication(toxicity). just curious if anyone has info on this suject.

''Are nightshades bad for you?'':

''Naturally occurring glycoalkaloids in potatoes aggravate intestinal inflammation in two mouse models of inflammatory bowel disease'':
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Well, just from personal experience, I tolerate potatoes very well. I can eat eggplant as long as I don't eat the skin. And peppers and tomatoes tend to irritate me. Sometimes I can handle tomatoes in small amounts, but not if I'm in a flare.

Sorry I don't have any other info thats more scientific.
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I tolerate all of them very well, as I tolerate every food honestly. (I used to eat big macs and all junks on a daily basis with no immediate issues at all). I have no way of knowing if any food is bad for me, except, maybe, long term elimination.
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I would not generalise the nightshade myth to everyone. There might be plenty of people, especially those who have arthritis, who cut out nightshades from their diet and swear on it (but are not symptom free either). Instead, I think, it's more a personal trial and error which foods provoke inflammation, even though there are similarities in the foods that cause inflammation. I believe more in the idea that any food could potentially be a trigger, rather than certain ingredients or parts of a food that are not consumed in that huge amounts (as you might not consider eating nightshades all day every day, right?).
For me, personally, I would also consider nightshades being a safe food, I could not see a reaction (but I'm far away from being symptom free as well), but I did for other foods (my arthritis can react quite fast to trigger foods).
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whats weird is i went back to tomatoes recently and it makes my face breakout, so very seldom will i eat these, but i thinks its just because of the bad bacteria in my intestine and not necessarily the tomatoes themselves, because I'm also sensitive to sugary fruits which is obviously healthy for humans.

I also recently tried increasing my intake of green peppers and other veggies(onions, mushrooms, spinach, garlic) so not sure which ones are responsible but it actually make my stool quality decline a little bit, they became smaller in volume, and slightly firmer where they were softer before, so i interpreted this as a decline is stool quality. I believe i cooked them very well so this woudn't happen. the only veggies i eat are lots of well cooked broccoli and cauliflower, got no issues with these.

just my 2 cents.
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