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Juicing during flare up question

Hey everyone,

I'm currently in a bad flare.. Can't eat anything without running to the washroom and I've lost quite a bit of weight.. I'm 6" and probably under 150 pounds now. I was 165 pounds 4 weeks ago.

I started ONLY JUICING this morning.. Started with 5 carrots, Apple and a pear.. It made me feel a little nausea but that passed and then sent me running to the washroom an hour later. I had another juice around 3pm which consisted of kale, Apple, half cucumber and 2 carrots.. This juice sent me running to the washroom right away.. Followed by the chills. I've been super light headed all day with no energy and a head ache..

Should this diarrhea go away if I keep juicing? Any recommendations? Not sure what to do.. I'm avoiding going to my specialist as I don't want to go on any drugs. He's pushing hard to get me on humara but that's the last thing I want to do. I want to stay all natural.

Thanks in advance
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Josh, I'm sorry you are having such a hard time right now.
I also wanted to stay all natural and not take Meds, desperately. I was a mess.
You may not like my advice, but my MD told me: if you don't treat this, your likely going to have multiple surgeries and may end up with short bowel syndrome or a colostomy bag. He then asked if I would try to treat cancer naturally... He convinced me this is a disease that needs to be treated or there may be severe even life threatening consequences.
My quality of life changed drastically for the better once I started treating my disease.
Good luck to you.

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